Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Summer 2013

Summer started off a little rocky- but very blessed to be okay, as three of us were in a head-on collision when a careless driver hit us head-on! Every air bag and safety feature did it's job because the three of us walked away with minor injuries and a thankful heart.

In July, we went up to Eden for the 4th. The Roger's family reunion was another smashing success thanks to Nana and Papa Rogers for all their hard work for all the kids!
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Ashley is a great reader! She loves reading to her brother....who still sucks his thumb:)

Alex and Jonah both played soccer and are great players! Then, our family added 2 baby bunnies to our home: Rootbeer and Charcoal.

Chad loves his golfing- Alex does too!

I ran my 22nd marathon with Ashley helping me to the finish line!

We had a great time in Jackson Hole this year with the Jones family-
Jacob turned the BIG 13 where we went to Discovery space Center!
 Jake is now playing lacrosse this fall- he is loving middle school and such a great kiddo! And...a teenager now!

Alex turned 4! He had a fun cousin swim party! We love his fun, energetic personality.

The first day of school for 2013! New school for all kids as we decided to move at the end of the summer....not expected but a pleasant suprise!

Our new home! We are loving the fun backyard!

I'm loving teaching exercise classes, especially Silver Sneakers for the elderly- they are so sweet and energetic!

Fit in a few marathons these past few months: 22 full marathons

fun times this summer as we swam, went to movies, bowling, Eden trips, Jackson Hole, and playing with friends and cousins.

Our beautiful kiddos who are growing up way too fast! Excited for their new adventures this year!

Love eating school lunch with them!

And Chad is doing a great job keeping things under control at his work where he got a new office! He's legit! We appreciate all he does for us and the family.

Can't believe how quickly time is going by- enjoying time with each other and this journey!

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Brooke said...

My lucky day! An update! So glad you and the kiddies are ok! I can't believe the pics of your car! Your home is beautiful inside and out! Love you!