Friday, March 15, 2013

Winter 2013

We have been traveling....a lot! First of the year, kick 2013 off with a trip to EDEN, where we went sledding for the day with our cousins and Nana and Papa Rogers. So much fun! The kids loved it- Alex went all day

 For Valentine's Day, we had parties at each kids' classroom except Jake. He had his first Valentine's 6th Grade Dance-
 All the girl's played games and ate treats
 Jake had "fun" at his first Valentine's Dance. Look how handsome!
 The first week in March, Nana and Papa Rogers took us to California! It was Alex's first Airplane ride! The kids' all were excited to fly again: headed to DISNEY"LAND!

 We went to California Adventures the first day. Jacob and Jonah loved the bigger rides: Screamer, Toystory, Tower of Terror. The next day, we went to Disneyland all day. Ashley and Alex loved Toon Town to meet all the characters.

 Alex was a trooper. Since he was just a thumbnail short for the rides, papa put some tissue in his shoes so he could ride them and HE DID! Cars 2 was his favorite. Ashley loved it too! She even went  on the bigger rides with me!

 We loved Space Mountain!

The last day, we all went to the beach. It was Alex's first time there and he didn't quite know what he thought of the waves. But we loved the sunshine and we loved being with our family! Thanks to our Nana and Papa for the great memories!

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Natali Thompson said...

Oh wow! Amazing Kell! I want to be there on the beach right now! You guys have been super busy having so much fun! We sure love you guys-