Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas 2012

What a Christmas so far! Lots of fun parties with friends- thanks Brette and Curt!
 To the Polar Express with the Roger's cousins- riding a train, Santa, and remembering Jesus...

     Unfortnately, Jonah was home sick with pneumonia- poor JO! Ash and Alex paid a visit to the Big man-

Then off to Chad's work party- congrats to him for doing such great work this year! Lucky to have a job!

                                                 Greatest friends!

  On Dec 23rd every year we have the Roger's "quiet" party where the cousins and siblings eat a quiet, fabulous steak dinner by candlelite and enjoy a program of the Nativity scene. This year was exceptional- thanks to Marsh and Al for all the do for us!
 Derek did a great program for his work- he is an example to all of us of true love!

 Chad and I feel so blessed to be parents of four healthy, wild, fun, great kids!
 On Christmas Eve, every year we go to the Jones side for a great dinner and again, a fabulous program where every family gives a thought, testimony or song about Christ. We love our families and are so blessed! Thanks mom and dad for all your love and hard work for our behalf!


Goddard Family said...

So many fun traditions for you and your cute family! You are freaking you and so glad we are friends! xo

Natali Thompson said...

So fun Kell! The friend party is always a blast. (Glad you liked to read your book!!) Looks like you guys do so many fun things together for the holidays! Love you!!