Saturday, March 29, 2014

Happy 8th Bday Ash!

Ashley: It's Great to be 8!
You are our gymnast, sister, daughter, and friend.
We are so proud of the kind, thoughtful, beautiful daughter you are.

For your bday dad and I came to eat school lunch with you.
Then you had many friends come to Airborne and celebrate your big day.

I had to add a picture of you (left) and mom (right) to show that we do really look alike:)

Grandma Patty took  you, Alex, Lucy and Scarlett to the zoo for your bday weekend!

On April 12, 2014 you will be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

These two pics are the lastest of your baby sister soon to come in a few months!
We love you, Ash!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

End of 2013/Welcome 2014

Happy b-day to this wonderful husband, dad and friend! We love you so much and appreciate all you do for our family. You are so patient, kind and hard-working. Love you to pieces!

2013- Ashley had a great year in gymnastics- learning her backhandsprings and frontwalkovers! She's a natural

Of course, Christmas this year was wonderful with our traditional Roger's and Jones' family dinners and Christmas plays. Jonah, Marcus and Austin made great shepards!

We headed to St. George for New years and had a great time with our cousins!

Halloween 2013- Jonah was a Ninja with his cousins, Ash was a witch, Alex was many things: Ninja turtle and Power Ranger, Jake didn't dress up this year :(. I found out that we are EXPECTING A BABY in the summer!

Traditional cousin dressup for the manger scene!

Jake and Lily

Jonah wanted a motorcycle and he got it this year! Wear a helmet, bud!

HAPPY 11TH BDAY JONAH: DEC 17TH! Jonah had his 2 cousins sleepover for his birthday and have pizza and movie night. He is such a great student, very responsible and so much fun! We love Jonah so much and hope he enjoys his last year in elementary school! Can't believe he will be in Middle school next year!

Christmas 2013

Jake got a nice letter from his middle school teacher, which doesn't happen often- he, too, is a great student!

Cousin fun in SG!

Christmas fun down with cousins on the Polar Express!

My traditional Surf City California marathon run with Natali and Derek! Baby girl and I took it slowly but had a great time- Nat and Derek kicked butt!

And we found out our  BABY GIRL is coming end of June/early July! we are excited for our newest addition!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Summer 2013

Summer started off a little rocky- but very blessed to be okay, as three of us were in a head-on collision when a careless driver hit us head-on! Every air bag and safety feature did it's job because the three of us walked away with minor injuries and a thankful heart.

In July, we went up to Eden for the 4th. The Roger's family reunion was another smashing success thanks to Nana and Papa Rogers for all their hard work for all the kids!
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Ashley is a great reader! She loves reading to her brother....who still sucks his thumb:)

Alex and Jonah both played soccer and are great players! Then, our family added 2 baby bunnies to our home: Rootbeer and Charcoal.

Chad loves his golfing- Alex does too!

I ran my 22nd marathon with Ashley helping me to the finish line!

We had a great time in Jackson Hole this year with the Jones family-
Jacob turned the BIG 13 where we went to Discovery space Center!
 Jake is now playing lacrosse this fall- he is loving middle school and such a great kiddo! And...a teenager now!

Alex turned 4! He had a fun cousin swim party! We love his fun, energetic personality.

The first day of school for 2013! New school for all kids as we decided to move at the end of the summer....not expected but a pleasant suprise!

Our new home! We are loving the fun backyard!

I'm loving teaching exercise classes, especially Silver Sneakers for the elderly- they are so sweet and energetic!

Fit in a few marathons these past few months: 22 full marathons

fun times this summer as we swam, went to movies, bowling, Eden trips, Jackson Hole, and playing with friends and cousins.

Our beautiful kiddos who are growing up way too fast! Excited for their new adventures this year!

Love eating school lunch with them!

And Chad is doing a great job keeping things under control at his work where he got a new office! He's legit! We appreciate all he does for us and the family.

Can't believe how quickly time is going by- enjoying time with each other and this journey!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Spring 2013

 Much to catch up on- Busy last few months and now that I don't use a camera, but my phone instead, it's more difficult for me to blog as I'm trying to figure out how to download this all onto the blogger without the computer!

But  let's start with Spring sports....

Jake has been LOVING BASEBALL! He has improved so much and is a great player with his heart fully in the game!

 Con Cones from Macey's after the games! Lucky kids!
              We have enjoyed family BBQ's
Jonah has LOVED soccer this year and has become so fast- scored many goals this year!
Also, Jo is celebrating his last day of 4rth grade (above) It's already that time- Summer! And he did awesome this year- he will be the oldest in his school next year as a 5th Grader!
 Alex loves every sport- Jake is great at showing him the baseball ropes. Alex just loves to be active and every day has to know what the agenda is- it must include a sport of some sort!
 Ashley has been loving gymnastics and her friends. First Grade is now officially over for her and she is quite the social girl!
 Chad and his company won Best of State this year 2013 for being the Best Mortgage Company in the State- great job, hubby!
                          Fun times with four generations above!
 The boys had a great time with their first campout/sleepover with our neighbors
 Chad went on a "all boys golf trip" this year with all the buddies, Derek too!
 In April, I ran the Boston Marathon, and it was a tragic, horrific ending to an otherwise very neat experience but glad we made it back safely after the bombings 2013...our perspective sure changed as we realized how blessed we are to be home with our family/friends
 Ashley and I enjoyed some Girl's Nights out with one being Taylor Swift concert!

 Alex loves his grandparents! Papa Alan takes him on outings now and then!
 Ash and Alex are great buddies- and we love our cousins (baby J below)
Also, In March, we celebrated ASHLEY'S 7TH B-DAY! We love her so much and had 10 girls come for a manicure and pedicure! She was so excited. Ashley has the biggest heart and is kind, loving and so beautiful inside and out! I love my best little friend, Ashley, and she brings so much light to our lives!

Now onto Summer of 2013! Much to do and so grateful for the people we get to share our time and memories with! xo